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CMV Pro is far and away the best video analysis tool I have ever used for my golf swing on any platform.
I heartily recommend CMV Pro. I am an avid golfer who uses it for self-coaching: analyzing my own golf swing. I have CMV Pro installed on my iPad Air. I use it in several ways: (1) recording and viewing my swing on the range with CMV Pro; (2) analyzing swings recorded on the range with my GoPro camera (the GoPro app does not permit frame-by-frame or slo mo playback); and (3) recording pro swings while watching PGA Tour tournaments on TV.
CMV Pro is a great companion to the GoPro camera (available in the Apple Store). On the range, I can export a swing from the GoPro to the iPad and then analyze the swing frame-by-frame in CMV Pro. At home, I can upload videos from my SD Card to the iPad and view them in CMV Pro. I also record the same swing from two angles, using CMV Pro to take the down-the-line view and my GoPro to take the face-on view. Then I import the GoPro capture to the iPad, use CMV Pro's Easy-Sync™ feature to trim both views, and analyze the same swing side by side in CMV Pro, perfectly synchronized.
Over the years, I have used many popular golf-specific video analysis programs, both on my laptop and on my iOS and Android devices. CMV Pro is far and away the best video analysis tool I have ever used for my golf swing on any platform, even though it is not golf-specific.
CMV Pro features I particularly like are: (1) the ability to step through a video frame by frame, (2) the stopwatch (which lets me measure my swing tempo--backswing length/downswing length--and compare it with the tempo of pros, measured in the same way), (3) the trimming functions (which let me either trim from point A to point B or X seconds either side of a starting point), and (4) the side-by-side option (which lets me compare two views of the same swing, two of my swings, or my swing and a pro's swing). Of course, CMV Pro's telestrator has the markup tools you would expect in a golf-specific program.
I should also say that customer support at CMV is outstanding. I had a minor issue with an earlier version, which I reported in an e-mail on the website. I had a reply that same evening, which was to the effect that my issue had already been addressed and would be fixed in the next version, which appeared very soon thereafter. Recently, I suggested a new feature I'd like to see and promptly was told that since I was one of two persons who had suggested that on the same day, it would be in the next release, due very soon. You can't beat that for customer support for an already great app.
Jeffrey Storer, Feb'14
Wow! Clean and simple.
​I’m a tennis teaching pro and this iPad app is outstanding for quickly helping students see themselves compared to other players.
​Immediate visual feedback makes learning and improving more fun. Much easier than a video camera. Point, shoot, evaluate. Fantastic.​​


An app you can’t be without!

​John Hichwa, NASPE-Talk​

#1 Coaching Software on iTunes!

I am a fitness professional who lives and works in San Francisco, and we use CoachMyVideo Mobile for all of our athlete diagnostics. We’re able to use the program for our running/gait and pedal stroke analysis, and love the fact that you can play “John Madden”.

Jon De La Torre, JDLT Personal FItness


Looking for an easy-to-use video coaching app? Check out CoachMyVideo Mobile from the App Store!

Recently recommended to Victorian coaches by AIS Men’s Head Coach – Ian Stacker
The App allows even the most novice user to capture a video clip and instantly review and analyse it frame by frame. You can zoom and even mark up the video using lines, circles or freehand drawing. One of the great functions is how easy it is to use ‘Side by Side viewing’ where you can sync two separate basketball shots together and compare them both at the same time.
You cannot go without this App.

Basketball Victoria Coaching Tip of the Month: ‘App’lify Your Coaching

by Rohan Short​, Melbourne Tigers NBL Assistant Coach


A buddy broke out the CoachMyVideo App and recorded me doing a lighter lift.  We could go back frame by frame and see where I needed to make changes.  Great resource for those wanting to see their own movements and be able to break them down.  The tips from the trainer about what I was doing wrong made total sense and I was able to immediately apply them.

​Jason Morrison, Blogger, Health and Crossfit Enthusiast: OurTimeToChange


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