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to enable Microphone or Photo-access go to:       Settings > Privacy > Microphone/Photos

CoachMyVideo Apps:  FAQ

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YouTube Videos?
                                             Click Here:


On the FREE App, you can stream a video via a direct Internet links only: such as something ending in .mov or .mp4, with a compatible video. For example:

What are the App Capabilities?      Click Here


Need access to your Camera Roll? 

Privacy/Location Services for Camera Roll Access access is enabled here:


  -> Settings -> Privacy -> Photos -> CMV = ON

How do I open a video from my email inbox?​

Go to the email with the attachment at the bottom and hold down your finger on any of these attachments:
--> you will get the option to save that video to your Camera Roll. ​


All our Premium Apps include Open-In: 

Open-In from Dropbox?

After a video is made one of your Favorites in Dropbox (tap on the STAR), it can be instantly opened in CoachMyVideo+: once the video has finished downloading into memory in the Dropbox app, look for the button at the top-right for Open-In.​ You will then have offline-access to that video (Anytime, Anywhere...).


How do I delete a video from my Camera Roll?
It's pretty straight-forward, in that there’s only one way to do it -> and it’s outside of our app. Apple doesn’t let us modify or delete videos already on your Camera Roll, but we decided that was still the best place to save your recordings, as with videos recorded by the standard, built-in camera:

  • Go to your Camera Roll where you see the different videos, and depending on your device, look for the box with the arrow coming out of it. You can SHARE or DELETE from there.



What is the best way to import videos into the app from my PC?​

For folder-level organization as shown,    ​​​
we recommend the following:  

Importing many videos into your iPad/iPhone from your PC via iTunes:

  1. Create a folder on your PC/Mac (with sub-folders if you like, or even a shared Dropbox folder),

  2. Copy the videos you'd like to have added to your iOS device(s) into that folder

  3. In iTunes, look for the Photos tab on the right when you have your iPad/iPhone/iPod touch plugged-in and selected. Check the box next to: Sync Photos (and videos) from the desired folder on your PC.  Be sure to check the box next to Include videos.    (see image)

  4. Sync.

Some videos get rejected at Sync due to compatibility issues, as regulated by iTunes/Apple.

NOTE: if you drag your videos into iTunes' Movies folder, you CANNOT access them from CoachMyVideo Mobile​.  This is because our App provides instant-access + advanced HD-email sharing capabilities which can conflict with the limitations on copyrighted material in your Movies folder



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How do I remove “recent” videos on the iPad's Home Page?​

Video Analysis Pro has a RESET button; to clear-out the list entirely.  You can erase the information stored about each video by highlighting it on the home page and then look for the red [X} at the upper-right hand corner.​ 

To remove all information about “recent” videos, all at once, you also have the option to delete and re-install the app: this will wipe out all of that history data.

IMPORTANT NOTE: no videos will be deleted since they are stored safely in your Camera Roll.   



How do I name a video that I recorded in the App?​

Custom Labels are are available in CMV Pro: find the video and long-press: hold down your finger over the video to change the label.

Can I record my voice to make a Coaching Lesson, like on the Videos Page?

Stay tuned:  We have beta software for the PC and the Mac, being used by coaches in our Private Beta. This capability is coming soon for the iPad and iPhone

Android / Windows Mobile?

Sorry folks, our focus is currently on developing an exciting new 2.0 version for the iPhone & iPad with HD voice-over recordings and a number of other exciting features. CoachMyVideo Mobile for Android is still under development.

Air Drop: What is an easy way to transfer videos between devices, such as from my iPhone to my iPad?

See our YouTube video on AirDrop but if you do not have AirDrop-capable hardware, the App we use and recommend is Transfr from Objective App. it's easy to learn & use and it has a great price. There is no need to purchase any hardware attachments since it works wirelessly. It requires a shared WiFi connection among the devices, and this includes Mobile Hotspot. It also works via Bluetooth, but keep in mind that videos on the newest Apple devices are 1080p HD: the file sizes are large so transfer can take some time if the videos are of any length. WiFi is much faster than Bluetooth for this purpose.

Trouble playing your .MOV videos on QuickTime in Windows PCs?

Be sure you have the latest version of QuickTime installed.  iOS 6-emailed videos are not compatible with QuickTime v7.7.2 for Windows.  v7.7.3 was released Nov-2012


Apple AirPlay?

Mirroring Mode needs to be ON. Full-Screen mode doesn't work with all of the features of our App: Telestrator, zoom, side-side, etc.

Also keep in mind that Apple doesn't let all of the previous-generation devices work with AppleTV. 

AirPlay on latest Apple devices works very well with Mirroring Mode ON and a solid Wi-Fi connection, when tested with on our Pro version: Video Analysis Pro:                                ​



Cannot import videos from your SD card?


The filename (the part before the .mov/.mp4/m4v/.avi) needs to be exactly eight (8) characters.


Also, to ensure best results, the files should be in the DCIM folder of the SD card.






How much video storage do I have on my device*?

"Max Resolution"  -  iPad 3+, iPad Mini & iPhone 4S+, iPod touch 5:

​1080p HD video capture at roughly 22 mbps:


  • 10MB  =  3.6 seconds of video

  • 1GB     =   6 minutes​ of video

"High-Speed Video"  -  iPad Mini/Air and iPhone 5+:
720p HD 60 FPS video capture is also roughly 22 mbps (same as above)



"720p HD"  -  iPad 2, iPhone 4 & iPod touch 4:

​720p HD video capture at roughly 11 mbps:


  • ​10MB  =   7 seconds of video

  • 1GB     =  12 minutes of video

​"VGA mode"

VGA (640x480) video capture at roughly 3.6 mbps:


  • 10MB   =  22 seconds of video

  • 1GB      =  38 minutes of video

*see above for instructions on DELETING videos from your PHOTOS/CAMERA ROLL.

Apple does not let us delete videos from your CAMERA ROLL





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