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Privacy Policy


CoachMyVideo (“CMV”) values the privacy of its users, members, customers, subscribers, and others who visit and use (collectively or individually, "Members") and any other web sites or services owned or operated by, Inc. This Privacy Notice is incorporated into and is subject to the CoachMyVideo Online Terms of Use. Your use of CoachMyVideo  and any personal information you provide on remain subject to the terms of this Privacy Notice and our Terms of Use.


In order to register as a member of CoachMyVideo, we may ask you to provide us with the following personal data:


  • first and last name

  • your e-mail address

  • your user name

  • your age (birthdate)

  • the city where you live


By doing so, you give CMV permission to use the above personal data so that CMV can send out news, contests, offers and advertising to your e-mail address and so that CMV can adjust the content and advertising on its website to your or others' age group and gender. Examples of the e-mail mailings are, for instance, that CMV wants to notify you about new or improved services on CMV, that CMV is carrying out membership surveys in order to improve our services or that CMV is creating targeted content and offers for you based on information about how you act on the Web site, what your age is and where you are located geographically. CMV agrees not to sell or transfer your personal data to a third party. An exception is if all or essentially all resources of the CMV Service, that is to say, the entire website, are acquired by another company (a so-called acquisition of assets and liabilities). In that case the personal data required in order to continue to operate CMV are acquired by the buyer. It can happen that CMV comes to rely on other companies in order to carry out various tasks such as, for example, help with marketing, the performing of technical services for our web pages, etc. These companies can in certain cases gain access to personal data which they need in order to complete an assignment for CMV. CMV treats all personal data with the greatest care and signs agreements with other companies which mean that they can only use your data in order to complete the assignment for CMV. The same applies in those cases where CMV co-operates with another company to provide you with interesting offers. Such companies do not have access to your personal data other than for assisting CMV with its mailings, banner marketing and the like which you have given CMV permission to by this agreement. Such companies will not have the right to retain and use the data for any other purposes than the assignment for CMV. CMV stores all personal data gathered from members for one year after the date when approval is revoked or membership is canceled. During this year personal data are not used and are saved only for the security of members, that is, in order to prevent, investigate, uncover and prosecute potential crimes against one of our members.


CMV Contact Information:


Please contact CMV with any questions or comments about this Privacy Notice, your personal information, our third-party disclosure practices, or your consent choices at Contact Us. We will respond to your inquiry within 30 days of its receipt.

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