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About CoachMyVideo

We believe anyone with a desire to improve​ can do so even faster with a little bit of coaching or at least an outside viewpoint, and we believe the use of video is the most effective way to communicate ​coaching points.

CoachMyVideo ​was founded by Jason Escamilla with a team of athletes, coaches and technology specialists to help coaches, athletes, trainers & instructors make better use of their mobile devices for easier video-instruction: in real-time or across time zones.

A wide range of people WORLDWIDE are using our Mac- and Windows-based software (in private beta) for improved video-coaching, not to mention our iPad, iPhone & iPod touch users from 110+ countries with access to Anytime, Anywhere Video Analysis.

The best part about what we do: we get a constant reminder that with easy-to-use technology,  access to an expert and​ a short-enough feedback loop, anyone can be helped​​: to get the student, athlete, performer, hobbyist, etc. back on track, moving toward their goal, whether that be greater speed, increased accuracy, better alignment or simply to have more FUN.  

Send us a note​ or give us a call:


       - if you would like to learn more about us
      - want to get involved (CMV Internship application)

       - have business development questions/ideas ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

        or if you can't seem to find our FAQ/Support page

We'd love to hear from you!

                             CMV Team:

Michael S. Andera

Robert A. Bateman

Jason R. Escamilla

Jason A. Henderson

Jimmy Henson

Jason McKinley

Brandon Peterson

Will Prioleau

Tucker Sine

                            CMV Advisors:

Rune A. Hansen

Andreas Larsson

​John Rembao

Joel Ramirez


Sales & Marketing

Product Dev, Tennis & Golf

Founder/CEO/Product Dev




Sr. Developer




Mobile Strategy


Product Dev, Track & Field

Performance Training (Multi-sport)

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